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Being tired of wearing dresses day by day and want to try another new wholesale women clothing but still wondering what to choose for? Then try to choose the blouse!

You may say that,”No, blouse is not cool and only suitable for the working women!” Then you are terribly wrong! With the development of society, fashion is one of the main words everywhere. Now the blouse is not only suitable for the working place anymore, but also suitable to the daily life. Let’s see what kinds of blouses we can have nowadays.

Printing Blouse:

As far as I’m concerned, the blouse with flowers printing is everywhere now in our daily life. As we all know that in the old age, the blouse was mainly designed into white color to be suitable for the working place. Instead of being pure white color anymore, large amount of colorful flowers printing blouses appear.

These colorful blouses can show the outstanding characteristic of ladies’s. The suggestion to wear these blouses is to the shopping mall, beach or the party.

Embroidery Blouse:

Generally speaking, applying embroidery into the wholesale clothing will be super delicate. How about using this designed element into the blouse?  As you can see, any kind of embroidery is suitable for the white color blouse, which is very elegant. However, some fashionable ladies may have another question,”How about the other colors except the white?” Let’s have a look:


The answer is absolutely wonderful,too! Blouse that designed with exquisite embroidery is suitable for many places—no matter the working place or the entertainment venue.]

Plaid/Striped Blouse:

Designers are crazy about diversified fashionable designs. Another two kinds of blouses apper—plaid blouse and striped blouse.

An active lady can be fond of these two types of blouses for they have complex and nice visual impact:

The best insurance to match those blouses above is to choose a pair of black long pants and a pair of black pointed high heels.

But I believe that you are a fashionable lady who always be the first one of the fashion trend. Also, there are plentiful wholesale high heels for you. Thus, another suggestion is to choose a pair of hollow-out boots. This is a cool and sexy matching:

In order to be sweet, a pair of flats is also a gorgeous matching for the blouse:

However, it is inescapable that some ladies only be fond of pointed high heels. A great idea is that you can try to choose another color instead of the black one to be chic.

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