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Obsessed with your tenderness in elegant dress

Gentle not only with the sweet pink color in high quality Korean fashion wholesale, light fresh green can also create this effect. You low-eyed smile, stroking hair, warm high collar shirt out of the beautiful face, sweater on the twist is like a woman’s mind, in the chic and delicate in the beautiful makeup.

01 Skirt can best reflect the tenderness of women, one step between the swaying are style, and fashion classic camel more easily with clothing, strap design is to reduce the package skirt mature feeling, played the effect of reducing age, gentle fresh full, I believe you will love it.

02 Oriental women are the most tender, and clothes from China can best reflect this temperament, dusty for a long time gentle and quiet with the new Chinese fashion gradually awakened, when the improved cheongsam with exquisite embroidery and imitation fur trim, a gentle and passionate Of the Han woman standing in front of us.

03 Simple atmosphere of European style is good, but less a bit more gentle and more tough, and Chinese embroidery coupled with soft European root yarn and trumpet, then let the down jacket more than a small family Jasper-like gentle, matched with the classic Low-key wine red, slightly drunk years of bad.

04 Obviously the fashion section but also some gentle temperament, all due to playful cute lotus leaf trim, when the feathers and wool so stitch together, crash out of the visual effects are not amazing to you? If you do not like pink too sweet temperament, this piece of camel down with a good job.

05 Sometimes gentle is not only in the appearance of the visual effects, but also need your heart to find. This is some of the nature of the collar down jacket, dark color seems to be some casual art, but through the body of the lace you can also feel the vitality of women belonging.

06 And then a strong woman also has a gentle side, even if you are the queen, but also can not abandon the woman’s property. Like this domineering exposed down jacket, modeling chic lines, the atmosphere deep color bones full of the king Fan, but the collar of the embroidery is revealed a little gentle.


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