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Love strap, not difficult

The strap is almost magical, in the happy time from the psychological to the body can make you become an 18-year-old delicate girl, for a cut can also be vertical and horizontal workplace mature, quiet time when the female guy can look like a lady. Girls and the love between the strap wholesale women clothes is forever.

01 If the blue denim trousers being too simple are really easy to have the perception of meeting the same style in the street, the black denim fabric loves to see the creation! It’s the simplest and most classic type of strap pants, because the convergence of black and small feet, more than the age of the more clear, with the nature.

02 Although the original color denim can be seen everywhere in the streets, but in the eyes of careful woman, their difference is simply big. For example, there is a front of the design, large pocket with a flip and copper buckle decoration, it is quite different. The center of the leg is whitened, visually and easily slim down.

03 In this month, follow the temperature go, do not expect the road through the road people will provide much good dressing guide. The body only knows that they know for themselves, white shirt and vertical stripes pants a bit too formal, right? Plus two straps on the moment is not the same.

04 With the vertical stripes, trousers and skirts will be the first time will be separated from each other. Pants of the chic and neat may be elegant skirt is difficult to do, but can be combined with a dress with a dress is its exclusive. Lapel and pocket echo each other.

05 Shoulder is width and narrow, never a big problem. How can we seem to balance, is really worthy of serious treatment in the correct thinking. Thin denim shoulder straps may make the shoulder wide girl showing a naked contrast, but within the election on the line. Do not say, there is copper deduction transfer attention.

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