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There you are–the chic clothing

A embroidered frame, inextricably linked to the boudoir woman’s mind, embroidery is not the taste of the years. Today’s women are mostly poor needle and needle women workers, that deep in the memory of the era of imprint, gradually decline, is too fast to spend this time to spend time, or now the woman has not so much time to spend with nice wholesale women clothes.

01 If you do not like the embroidery of the Chinese retro style, it is better to choose this wool coat, because the embroidery pattern is relatively simple fashion, although embroidery is also stylish and elegant taste, coupled with simple and relaxed version of the type, both easy with clothes decorated, and because of embroidery more different.

02 Like to use embroidery embellishment clothes, because of it, always make the seemingly stereotyped clothes more carefully, although also know that most of the embroidery is now woven for the machine, but also willing to use these complex latitude and longitude intertwined for their own A-shape retro temperament, plus a little exquisite experience.

03 With the decorative style of the ever-changing, embroidery also gradually jumped out from the plane, like this three-dimensional embroidery decoration, in addition to reflect the exquisite embroidery, but also make the pattern become more layered. Eight-point length of the sleeve with a short paragraph design, so that clothes in the sweet even more nifty.

04 Chrysanthemum has always been one of the commonly used elements of embroidery, pen outline needle rhyme, so fixed on the clothes, as if the whole clothes because of its more indifferent quiet temperament. Chinese style collar collar buckle buckle, coupled with loose version type, put it you can also be hidden in the city.

05 Each girl has a heart on the dream of the rose, the beautiful rose embroidered on the wholesale clothes, the dream will not become a reality. Fresh lavender coupled with the collar between the pearl decoration, with the details of the department set off your beautiful, high quality rabbit warm and very intimate.

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