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Favorite casual style

Feelings of exquisite ladies small fragrance, intoxicated dreamy noble princess wind, feel refined and fresh literary style, covered the atmosphere of the wild European and American style, experienced the traditional retro ethnic style. In the wholesale clothes from China countless much more entangled in the style, and finally found that favorite actually had not been the slightest uninformed casual style into the eyes.

01 Casual style, as its name implies, is based on the theme of leisure design. For women, the tedious day-to-day work has been enough hard, finally have a time to relax, you do not have to wear a dress rack to get through the market, giving the body a slow time is particularly important, so comfortable clothes from China will essential.

02 In fact, in many cases, casual style and sporty style are not separated from one another, all exist for the purpose of activities, and are naturally intimate. In many clothing styles, to say which one is familiar with a woman’s heart, relaxed stripe suit the most say, the simple appearance of the atmosphere can definitely become the heart of every woman’s treasure.

03 If a set of clothes to meet the requirements of a woman’s leisure time, then it must at least have one of the “loose” or “flexible” one of the two characteristics. Printed on the table to the simple fish-shaped pattern burst, it seems unfathomable as the ocean, the deep blue of an endless expanse of the signal of freedom and comfort, according to this point; tell the truth, this set of clothes is not bad.

04 Invincible black and white with the clothing and clothing in the area is really no matter, no matter when absolutely never tire of the combination of no discerning, obedient accept just fine. Loose style has been added to the entire package in the visual sense of a little cool effect, chiffon texture is completely put an end to sticky and greasy level made a significant contribution.

05 Ever the same or want to advise you a little fat sisters, a little fat is not terrible, terrible do not know how to put a little fat to an acceptable level, so that it looks more than just a little fat just. Properly thin effect of the clothes there is a very necessary presence, receive a waist plastic shape on the overall proportion of the body is indispensable.

06 Since it is unrestrained, naturally have the effect of leisure from the outside to the inside. Casual natural character printing, positive anti-anti-tiled in all-black fabric, looked full of texture, “scattered and scattered.” Harlan pants design, not only to effectively meet the needs of a woman’s comfort, but also to modify the function of the legs to the fullest.

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