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Not perfect dressing, but nice clothing

We all know there is no perfect person, each more or less have their own shortcomings, but some people just make her feel perfect or very good, when she appears in the eyes of others, always show The bright side of their own, as for those small defects, let it hiding in no one knows where it.

01 In fact, what are the best to avoid weaknesses, dress even more so. Summer dress less wear and tear, the most easily exposed body defects. Micro-fat sector of the sister paper can choose a little loose wholesale clothes, but not too loose, with a slight sense of drape is better, with a v-collar to bring the face small, with a tiny skirt to cover the big PP, the color red With printing eye-catching fashion, people only notice your lovely side.

02 We all want a little white skin, but there are always some people with dark skin. Black skin do not wear black, so that you will appear more black and more dry, the shortcomings of amplification, the skin black fit to wear a soft light-colored, such as gray-green powder, and dark people have a natural sense of sport, you can choose partial fashion sports apparel, such as a word collar T shirt, coupled with stripes, fashion was thin and lined color.

03 Sometimes, no matter how to wear, compared with a person, always feel less temperament, and always seem rustic. Perhaps your vision is good, always choose some of the fashion style, but to wear out of temperament, style is not enough, you have so few pieces on the clothes, the texture of the fabric are not the same, let your wholesale fashion dress taste instantly rises one level.

04 You may not love to dress in everyday life; femininity has become your biggest flaw. Let the lace and the European root yarn to save you, light and transparent organza yarn, give you a sense of light gaucheness, lace perspective sexy, a touch of charming quietly.

05 Every woman wants to have willow waist, slender legs, but often not the elephant legs ruined willow waist, is the bucket lumbar ruptured slender legs, or waist and legs are not perfect, there are cases of calf meat or more, or shape uncoordinated, all affect the beauty, the shortcomings of these bodies most likely to affect your image, may wish to use a long mop long skirts, all dissonance is covered up, even the arms are covered, thin sleeves also no hot.

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