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Round collar to save short neck

Neck short neck girl most needed is the degree of dew on the neck, it is best not to choose the basic section of the shirt lapel or collar common to reveal some of the collarbone collar can visually enhance the neck length, with flamingo neck long, artistic mood of ink chiffon shirt is not on the face while cool?

01 Want to try the most representative of the quarter of the slit skirt, this is the leg-related things. Just stuck in the middle thigh slits and irregular skirt combination, through the wavelet dots and letters printing, oh, and a large round neck, tangled in the daily dress of the girls, commuting or recreation? All!

02 Although the neck collar has a good grooming effect, many girls are in a dilemma in the choice of underwear. For a sleeveless vest wholesale fashion dress, still has an unparalleled neck lift rate. Like candy and fireworks colorful printing, colorless and unsurprising.

03 If you think ordinary round neck is too much at once in public clothing, keep the outline of the round neck, but the details at the color of the petals will not let the girls appreciate the love? Lace flowers bloom in full bloom, small short-sleeved can cover the thickest part of the arm.

04 Encounter must be walking under the sun, bring a breathable and light sunscreen is a very happy and wise choice. If it is good to wear cotton and linen clothes from China together, the days of snoring, can not be more intimate. Sleeveless can be worn, long neck neck, skirt is suitable for long commute.

05 Chiffon shirt is like eating New Orleans chicken wings in the eyes of the other half have not found the other half, you must complete the set to meet the desire to eat it. However, there are always some chiffon shirts look good enough, lace floral sleeve, with the presence of a large round neck, a word to buy!

06 The checkerboard, which belongs to the checkerboard branch, eventually forms a special visual experience because of the simple two-color overlap. As good as the plaid end, it is more lively and younger, but it will never be too young, the sister into the workplace can get commute self-confidence.

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