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Happy beginning with nice clothing

Champagne gold noble and not extravagant, as a whole to add elegance, but also have the effect of brighten skin tone. Irregular stripes can make you stand out from the crowd, but this sleeveless skirt can not stop at the “first-look beauty” level, look at the second eye, the third eye, only more and more like it.

01 If you also insist on wearing desperation to go shopping, do not blame the cabinet women you have no good face cold. The cabinet sister’s eyes can be sharp it, that piece of wholesale clothing to see that tens of dollars to spread the goods, this skirt is high quality, exquisite workmanship high-end goods. Even if you peek at the dressing room after the decider decides to go home, cabinet sister will smile at you and said “Welcome to the next visit.”

02 Hot body in the working day is not too presumptuous, after all, we do not rely on the face to eat, too hot to provoke criticism, after all, is not very good. But weekends may not have many limitations, perspective lace blouse + hot lace jeans + Europe and the wholesale dresses of makeup, to ensure that my colleagues pass by did not recognize this summer is the usual strength of young girls is good performance girl.

03 What style of wear to wear on hard to wear, this is the dress code of the weekend in the rule. Flowing dress on the floral a little bit, printing as the summer night sky like a deep mystery, mercilessly literary. Whether it is a light move or striding meteors, can wear out everyone’s unique charm.

04 Vivid bird printing like a weekend of thought, flapping wings flew to the world of flowers went. Eye-catching yet refreshing color sweet but not greasy, suitable for a variety of different occasions. Small gatherings, dating, shopping, too lazy to want to wear when the birds fly to you.

05 In this very precious day, I only hope that you will no longer have any sense of restraint, allowing your body and mind to be free to release as you please. Do not have to think about what the golden ratio of the waist and legs, cool and relaxed chiffon gown upper body, that feel comfortable feel like rolling really addictive!

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