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Skirt or shirt, must be elegant

Thick has been a less appropriate adjective, into June, the pace of summer is speeding up to the sensitive girls near. Already plan what to wear should give yourself a surprise, whether the skirt or shirt, the focus is elegant.

01 Like the trees on the street have grown into trees, each leaf full of vitality and vitality after bathing the sun. Unlike so light, can be extracted from the green condensate dress in the color can really see a bit elusive. Shoulder micro-cloak design round neck lead, X-type modified waist enough beautiful.

02 Although a faint yellow goose will make many sister entangled in the beauty, although the wholesale Korean clothing can stand under the tree will attract small bugs it, this kind of thing, but most of the time the movement of the heart can make these hesitations completely disappear. After all, it has a neckline print and a black crimp for increased resistance to look.

03 Many girls think they have reached the hot summer, how can there be a long sleeve in which blending refused to leave? In fact, long sleeves and not so off season, stacked lotus leaf chiffon shirt and court cuffs the perfect combination to go on vacation to travel, nothing is impossible.

04 Once the formal dress, there will be a lot of people lack the fun. Most commute models are less comfortable than casual ones, but they always only care about their own things. Reed Jacquard to the pure color system provides a new way of thinking, never beautiful to go in the end.

05 Even if there is no fashion trend statement, the summer put on the wide leg trousers, can have. Accustomed to a piece of simplistic one hundred thousand minutes concise, two-piece sleeve shirt and wide-leg pants also have skin-friendly feel comparable to dresses, as a commuter equipment, and then fashion however.

06 Digital printing easy to overwhelming, if you do not have the confidence to use their momentum firmly suppressed, then may wish to try a long distance from the face of large printing. High waist wholesale fashion dress with a large tent and bright hit the color to build a very sharp sense of romance, with wide-brimmed hat, ladies become ladies nor too.

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