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Every dress is a surprise

If you look closely, you will find the ladylike ladies who never miss the opportunity to distribute femininity, nor will they blindly and conservatively wrapped themselves tightly, but just to reveal a little skin, both charming and dignified.

01 Black and white collocation has long been commonplace, but in this dull, suddenly exposing a small piece of immaculate shoulder skin, have to say that the audience’s attention are attracted to it.

02 Summer favorite refreshing, from the eye to cool the water green, to the free swing, all for this purpose exist. The icing on the cake is the hollow strapless design, both from the perspective of ventilation or visual experience, are instantly bring you more cool.

03 Short hair is not necessarily Carey female guy, nor is it the face of frost queen, short hair can also be a fresh and lovely girl. Put away the rough of the ladies, put down the queen’s mask, relaxed and comfortable dress embellished with the arm of the skin is the best decoration, when the milk kind of warm and gentle girl.

04 We give time to work, to family and friends; do not forget to leave a bit of time for ourselves. The delicate shoulders bathe in the sun are giving you a window of conversation with yourself. In fact, dew shoulder loaded with self-affirmation and expression, do not be shy do not hesitate, wear out their own feminine.

05 T-shirts in the closet the general lace-cutting process of paper-cutting is the original reason for the phase of the lace. The navy blue background and the white stripes on the cuff wholesale dresses look very cool. Because the lace is spliced on the hem, the waistline is pulled up and the shorts are sure to be able lined up a pair of big long legs.

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