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Exquisite woman with stylish clothing

Lotus leaf small shirt is one of the most popular version, after all, not every little stomach can be successfully reduced before June. Inverted trapezoidal lace pattern in the visual closure of the front to create a thin upper body, hollowed out the good results, effortless.

01 The same is the inverted trapezoid upper body, dresses cleverly raised the waist, so has become fat white finally became a wish on this day. Still lace buds, but there is no shortage of breathable coup. Sleeve length, is suitable for the current weather.

02 Net yarn chiffon shirt lining play an important responsibility to distinguish the micro-perspective area just right, a good grasp of the temptation of the distance. Chest pleated pleated pleated pleated chest pattern, adduction cuffs toward the horn sleeves forward. The overall A word planning do not know will make a few sister tempted, candy colors and patterns can be carefully spell together.

03 Most of the women you see outside manage their own image well, and often do so, to save you from the hassle of morning, so you can see that you are elegant and comfortable. In fact, wholesale fashion dress is not a magical or need high skills to be able to do.

04 The premise for this is that you need to first place the first place, that is ready for bed the next day to wear clothes from China. Do not wake up your alarm clock after only three wake up your fingers, get up early to take care of exquisite makeup and hairstyle, which not only allows you to stay away from haste chaotic morning, but also have time to give you according to the style slowly Add accessories to make you look more refined.

05 A good match can not do without good underwear. One of the important curves of a woman is here, a good chest type needs a good underwear to shape, the foundation lay, then add other clothing will only add beauty to the United States. Like makeup, good makeup is inseparable from a good looking finish.


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