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The best girls in that few years

Slowly it is faster, faster to go faster. Fish song is so tepid, can not afford to lift any storms, but it is an unspeakable comfort, in this we all want to be quiet, the world in your eyes look like it?

01 Quiet is a permanent state. There may have been innumerable changes in this silence – but we never knew it. But then again, as long as the world in my eyes is calm, I can have a short rest, and from this tranquility I can find the strength to start again.

02 Printing is a travel, or a destination? When we were still a little girl, when our delicate years were drowned in dark blue and blue, we were longing for the brilliant and timeless printing. Here, there was a long-awaited and mysterious feminine girl’s girl.

03 Nowadays, even the fashion Oscars play the theme of “China: Mirror and Moon”, what reason do you still have to ponder the Chinese style, do not robes, do not blue and white dress and cheongsam dress, just a single ink printing, you can out of an endless stream of fashion.

04 Round neck T, she let you move it? She is like each and every one of us – when the past is pure innocuous but there is no sense of the neighbors girls, but in the times of the storm, finally infected with some personality and flavor, sweet, simple, and finally will be our personality label.

05 Temperament is the best dress. No matter what kind of material, style, color, and ultimately to give you a personal brand in order to be remembered. I suggested that the choice of wholesale women clothes with their own style and temperament, will do more with less. H-type layout does not pick the body, gentle temperament, beautiful sister can try this.

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