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Sleeveless sleeves have become the mainstream

In this weather, short T is a time, a short-sleeved T-shirt, casually how to take, can spend with you a relaxed and happy summer. It has always maintained a simple look, pure cotton material cut loose type, umbrella make it look stylish yet cute, is the best girl young partners.

01 Like the movement of the wholesale clothing, long-sleeved suit is not suitable, must have a handsome neat short sleeve suit, very casual style, to give comfortable and comfortable to wear. Whether the shirt or pants are very thin, especially the pants, the classic harem pants, all kinds of legs can be modified.

02 Or sports suits, but the shirt is longer, the pants are more self-cultivation pants, as long as the legs are not too thick, you can wear to show a good figure. Style generous, advocating clean and tidy, add a little bit for your essence, become the streets of a beautiful landscape.

03 A blouse, a skirt, formed the dress suit. Shirt is really short, so that the skirt waist particularly high, thus lengthening the lower body ratio, the perfect body proportion, so that height is no longer a problem. Cotton texture is particularly soft, but also outline the outline of the body, will show you the gentle side.

04 In the summer, sleeveless style to the majority of wholesale clothes, the two white arms and half a fragrant shoulder are exposed, more cool than short-sleeved also more open. The appearance of the sleeveless dress with fresh printing, big skirt is very vivid, the whole skirt upper body, giving you the goddess-like temperament.

05 Black and white collide, the lower body package buttocks design, chiffon drape on the upper body, this skirt is particularly good, so you look intellectual and generous, can not tell the elegant fashion. Commute style, wear in the workplace must be very amazing, in everyday wear, but also for you to win praise.

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