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Where do you feel most sexy with the clothing?

In fact, if a dress with a lack of some, but from the inside and outside of the temperament can make up for these small mistakes, and then take a step back and said that even if the temperament of practicing inadequate, it emanates from the brow rays of confidence will cover all of this, so dear When you feel yourself wearing discomfort, avoid not afraid of shrinking, frankly accept it all, you will find everything far worse than you think.

01 Do you also like me often like to opposites things, such as their often envy the general envy of other people can put on a loose shirt so proud, but one day when you find that she was free and easy, that is with loose The shirt cleverly block the body defects only, and your thin body is also profuse in the merits of others.

02 How to wear on how to wear it, like elegant intellectual gown do not envy the sweet pink princess dress, wholeheartedly to dress up yourself, you will find that even if only a black and white hit the shirt also has a dress as elegant and agile nice.

03 A collar shirt is a standard strapless school, and a variety of wear wholesale clothing, you can wear diagonal, only exposed side of the shoulder, coupled with a large red, a little wild style; also can be exposed on both shoulders Come, it looks sweet and pleasant; can also be as a top to wear a bra, will be above the chest smooth jade skin are exposed, sexy pressing, lunettes ray ban.

04 On the TV screen, star celebrities often wear halter gear to show off their sexy and elegant side when they attend banquet events. Hallucinations on the streets slowly change from less slowly, often appear to grab all the limelight, you have that guts to become the focus of attention?

05 Hepburn’s little black dress, sweeping the world with a simple and classic image, this cross-straps use, the back is still slightly exposed back, elegant and impartiality in the elegance of the upper waist to stretch the lower body proportion, the waist is very rigorous, not the slightest exaggeration, it is natural to improve the waist line, so that the ratio of the legs seem better, plus points for the charm.

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