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Holiday does not travel the same view of the landscape

A “world so big, I want to see” how many people activate the desire to travel, really doubt that the right time to release such sensational information is not intentional, but a walk away after the trip will be unsatisfactory, therefore, may wish to change perspective, go out but for a scenic view on the road, as long as the heart in the distance, go or not, the scenery can be very exciting.

01 Is not necessary to be decent decent literary girl, can stand SLR declared taste extraordinary, in fact, even if only a cell phone shutter press the moment, that is about to turn the corner of the ink-like elegant once let you shine, there is no shortage the wholesale clothes here are unique.

02 Seeing the lean boy tightly holding the lace skirt girl through the traffic light is about to switch over the street, the heart can not help but surge in warmth, send out a sincere sigh, the most beautiful dress in spring, this happiness makes a good envy for the girl’s pink face shy and touched, sweet love you deserve.

03 Slightly empty in the holiday bus, compared to usual crowded thought even exclaimed the need for a short period of adaptation, the carriage is so empty, or surprised by the front of the window stood a flax loose skirt fashionable woman , Although I can not see the makeup face under the clothing wholesale, but still a little praise for intellectual hardworking.

04 Denim word debut is easy to be marked with the traditional tannin blues, that even if there will be occasional aesthetic fatigue, but also at least there are classic unruly, until the tiny flower doll collar with novelty into the world of cowboy, cold-sighted the world calm and can not fit anymore.

05 I really do not know if it is too busy on weekdays, so busy I did not have the time to get married, and I finally get married and get together for a long time. Movie and TV have seen countless amazing weddings, the new sweet happiness is not as vivid as real version.

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