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Stripe wave dot lattice in pretty dressing

The more delicate wave point, while the larger wave point is more bold, like a small jasper, gentle and delicate, the other is all ladylike, each has its own good. This sleeveless wholesale fashion dress just because of dotted dot, become the atmosphere cheerful, V-neck is a sexy release, giving you the goddess of the general temperament, beautiful from self-confidence.

01 Lattice is almost synonymous with British style, but the grid can bring in addition to British style, but also sexy Oh interpretation. Will be cut out of the lattice dress special Slim, sketched the moving body curves, of course, the most shining of the fork design, walking between white and tender when the long hidden, sexy come from.

02 Whether it is dotted stripes or lattice, when it becomes very fine, giving people the feeling will be delicate together, gray and white fine lattice, looks very elegant, also joined the lace embellishment, a combination of the set has The kind of elegant little fragrance impression, like a lady-like exquisite.

03 Not only the plaid sexy side, there are stripes, with stripe to create package hip skirt, body lines are very charming, not to mention the design of small shoulder, really tempting. This shows that both the grid stripes or wave points, regardless of strengths and weaknesses, only related to preferences, and sometimes your preference is not for a particular category, but a specific section, even wave point control, see this Sexy striped skirt, will not help it is not?

04 No one will admit that he is old, twenty years old naturally young, thirty-year-old also just a mature, the key is the mentality. Forever young sister paper, wave skirts may wish to reduce the age, big wave point full of energy with the jump, and instantly let you return to the eighteen-year-old state, with a good mood optimistic, every day is very young.

05 Cowboy is always smart, loose design with holes in the design, short legs have a casual curly edge, and it is a bit tacit kid poses. Two straps on the shoulders, which have random to grasping a printed T-shirt to match, but also full of energy.

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