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Prepare two kinds of suitable clothes

Show to show confidence, by the way show yourself full breech type, told the summer do not underestimate us. Cowboy package hip skirts, a little less dignified, more casual, summer thing, warm, wearing a T-shirt on it, no need to make it so formal, strange people tired.

01 Show your big legs now, straight and white and significant, even if not so many advantages, but also have so much courage, or summer wear trousers do you want to die? Casual jeans denim shorts, elastic waist belt designed to lay the basis for light, simple and easy summer.

02 I know everyone is different in length of love, shorts were originally to promote a comfortable, you can not deprive the girls have a long and short collocation. So, ah, wearing a pair of denim shorts, rolled up very direct, down a lot of random, oh, as the mood changes automatically.

03 We often do not have too stringent requirements for color, most of the time as long as the pleasing to the eye, smart girl always able to adapt to changes in color. White T shirt white shirt always have a few pieces, so, candy colored shorts have great use.

04 A “tidy” wholesale clothes does not necessarily mean that the rules are rigid. As long as the overall simple and generous, there are still many details can play a place, my sister can according to their own style, to prepare their own qualities of a single product, such as this plain jacket, Japanese and small fragrance sister is very suitable .

05 Yes, there is always a little black dress, this is absolutely the most versatile role in the workplace, can wear alone, within the ride can also, the taste of style changes with your mood. Try to choose a small black dress simple style to slim a version and H-type on the election, usually can wear a single, if necessary, and can also use the full sense of style accessories to mention light.

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