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Spring is just right, go out and walk

This combination of black Slim T-shirt stitching bow large put on dress looks like an ignition, at least on a great treasure, quite some explosive models trend, black Slim was thin, the word collar proper dew, will look slim, The gray is lighter, the thin crepe and bow make the overall shape a lot more elegant.

01 This dress is really glamorous, I cannot help but worship! The real goddess Van deer, is entirely the feeling of high-end show in Paris, like Valentino or wholesale fashion dress? Retro, mysterious, delicate, gorgeous, usually wearing a slightly heavier, special occasion such as dinner is appropriate.

02 Finally recommended a big love of a small suit, the whole slice cut the gas field full, a glance – do not even have to distinguish the brand, you know it is expensive, full of big sense of ah, but also knitted, wear it Very comfortable, the price is small expensive, suitable for a budget enough sister.

03 Sexy and cute selling red lips elements are popular, but if only the red lips inevitably worried about clothes, but fortunately these lipstick is covered in the personality of the characters printed above, bright and unconventional, loose bat sleeves Cover the flesh of the body.

04 Chic lapel highlights OL capable temperament, the Department of the belt even more dignified luxury, not wearing a belt is easy, you can go out after get off work, shirts, slings or T-shirts can be used to facilitate the creation of different styles, always Can give surprise.

05 Denim clothing too out to go out to dress up, lightweight short simple and natural, tall figure looks taller, national wind embroidery decoration on the cowboy there will be a combination of Chinese and Western sense, and then according to their own preferences in the ride Brains will be more special.

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