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This season, is suitable for love

The end of spring, summer yet, the temperature is neither cold nor hot just right. It rained last night, knocking the petals off to spring, and the sun came out again this morning to see the new shoots. Flowery and thriving, vibrant, everyone’s face is filled with the comforts of this season, so beautiful.

01 The day before yesterday just went to a friend’s wedding, wearing a white long dress to do a bouquet of bridesmaids. The dress is full of exquisite embroidery, as well as shining sequins in the sun, the bouquet handed to the hands of the bride, saw her happy smile, suddenly there is the urge to fall in love.

02 Prefer casual wear wholesale Korean clothing, even if occasionally a dress out of the mirror, or casual small lapel plus small straight. About that is the transparent lace root and the hem of stitches to prove that the chest of the Bucks is not the true nature of the owner?

03 Of course, there is no sweet little cute cheap clothes from China. Embroidery hollow lace shirt, short style, tighten the lower hem, the shadow of a small piece of fiber waist, collar also has a tight, but it is a small sexy collar.

04 The weather is getting hot on the 1st of the day, and the birdsong sound can be heard cheerful. After the spring woke up, it is always overwhelmed. For example, it always likes to lie on the bay window and sleep in the sun After stretching a yawn, I always felt a little less.

05 Flowers opened, foliage are also luxuriant, reminding us of scenes like a brush of ink and light peony gently printed on the dress, rippling fresh spring. What is worse? Heart always can not be stable, like a spiny child rolled in the circle above, some itchy some pain.

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