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Ordinary wholesale Korean clothing

Ordinary T-shirt at a glance, but with a cut strapless and fringed embellishment has become the tide of things, the streets full of vanity, full of personality and tension. Can be integrated into the cowboy and punk shape, but also can carry a stream of endless streams of uninhibited and refreshing freshness blowing, naturally reveal a good figure.

01 Small fresh girl wholesale Korean clothing to the dignified word shoulders and small lotus leaf modification, the more graceful, a simple style, pure white skirt because of the jacquard and the level of more subtle and more elegant, three-dimensional tailoring streamlined Mermaid-like graceful posture.

02 Very feminine sleeve and bow embellishment on the shoulder, so that the strap becomes very retro flavor, arm lines are more delicate and delicate, three-layer mesh gauze skirt to create a princess-like fluffy texture, red publicity more rich romantic style.

03 The light colorful legend dreams, beads diamond embroidery superposition of decorative super bright luxury, highlighting the details of the exquisite reproduction of the unique exquisite craft, perspective strapless dress more light, dressed in the beautiful skirt in the body, as if at any time can be turned into flying Butterflies fluttering away.

04 Low-key gray to the perspective of sexy hot cooling, showing a tepid but full of light and luxury beauty. Relaxed casual minimalist tailoring, showing the same good figure and soft outer femininity, do not have a casual elegant style in front.

05 Simple and generous heart-shaped word shoulder full of new ideas, to the sweet and lovely peach skirt to add a dress-like atmosphere, three-dimensional cut outline clearly figure graceful, black wholesale dresses sparkling heart, contrasting the snow muscle skin, condensing the visual focus and Fashion gravity.

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