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Choose the right clothing to accompany with you

If you have to choose, there should be more pure blue favor, but fashion is always composed of many unexpected. Blue prints, extremely bustling, blue and white porcelain pattern twine, with waves in the gap zone playful song, chiffon shirt suddenly high-profile up.

01 Cloak design is very eye-catching, from a practical point of view, the cloak can cover your narrow shoulders, and not plump chest, although only a white shirt can not be perfunctory, to wear to wear the envy of the feminine. Stand five-point sleeve quite feel, plus double flounced cape, to fight the spring to be pretty.

02 Black and white are natural enemies, but love between them often makes people unable to stop. Streak is nothing new tricks, but let here people feel very appropriate. Net yarn Puff Sleeve, hazy graceful, the new pattern shirt is also in the continuation of the classic beauty.

03 A pure white wholesale Korean clothing can be extended a lot of imagination, for which we also discussed the importance of white. But this does not mean that the shirt is completely dependent on pure white, black occasional appearance makes the shirt very safe, black bow black bow, fresh and simple style of the school fresh and generous.

04 Professional dress is elegant and dignified and natural, but now urban beauty is hard to believe the direct black and white ash, you want to update the level of beauty. Then print it, looks publicity, in fact, very quiet, plus a bright color package hip skirt, to ensure that you look radiant throughout the whole person.

05 Every shirt is a landscape that can not be neglected. Recently, I fell in love with the warmth of a shirt and has an irreplaceable texture of the times. Printing carefully selected color, for fear of accidentally mistaken steps doll collar of course, is to make you look younger, even to the age of 30 can not give up.


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