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Time is limited in dressing

Bus ride every day will meet a group of twitter female students, very courageous to expose their clean forehead. White shirt jeans, sometimes occasional prints and lantern sleeves, even if it is to break the routine, but youth is so good, how do you think it does not feel boring.

01 If you look down on the seventh floor, although the street landscape has been reduced but still clear. Those proficient girl, wear out of the scenery at random. Printed on the organza yarn, is a fantastic ink painting, so vulgar flowers have become good, long cheap clothes from China plus white feet pants, elegant has become a habit.

02 Have also had a soft spot for shirts, spring and summer wardrobe are shirts, favorite is the grid. Hundreds never wear tired, never tired of it. Pink plaid shirt, as if the time has not slipped away, and we are still the simple appearance of the year, do not have to envy those free time to cursed.

03 Time, such as tulle, filled with the scenery year after year. Not enough courage to wear vest skirts in such weather, but the geometry and color of the staggered really attractive, willing to it, slowly waiting for time, until they can wear this picturesque spring and summer misty.

04 Do the capital of ladies to learn by their own, how good the innate is not important, how to learn the important beauty of others, and into their own strength. So, willing to see dressed fresh and safe girl, think their every move just like those plain printing, low-key wholesale clothing from China highlight their beauty.

05 Skirt dual-use, landscape can be changed at any time. Why do we have a soft spot for the spring and summer, even if the pollen will make people allergic, even if the sunshine hot too far. Not because spring and summer we can enjoy the elegant pleasure, the body no longer bound soul can go farther.

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