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You can have a good effect

Bright bag can play a finishing touch, can also play the role of decaying magical, maybe you start with the color is too dull, and perhaps too bright, it does not matter, all this as long as a bright bag to mention light, Or hit the color to enhance the wonderful coefficient, you can have a good effect.

01 When buying clothes, because of the screen settings, or because of the effect of lighting in the store, resulting in the purchase of the baby wearing a weekdays and placing an order far from seeing, not suited to their own skin color, it was shelved. It does not matter, a suitable for their own color scarves to solve this problem, so that the nearest place from his face with a silk scarf to suit their own color, the original disdain for the clothes have become pleasing to the eye.

02 Some clothes may be the color for you, but the style design requires a strong aura to support, if the facial appearance is gentle, it is difficult to set off the aura of wholesale clothing needed (this is the clothes wearing the end, so avoid buying Can not control their own style), then accompanied by a pair of sunglasses for your face appearance, it will make everything become ease.

03 The trend of a single product is always difficult to long-term, unlike the classic style as the fashion elements despite how changes, can always wear it. So, in the face of a fleeting trend of a single product, with a pair of black and white hit the shoes with a single color, while maintaining the classic elements, but also has the personality, able to provoke the pressure to save the baby’s office.

04 Any time, when you do not know what kind of shoes to wear with your complete equipment, a pair of nude color high heels will certainly be able to make you satisfied. Do not believe, you look at other people clothes from China, the highest appearance rate than nude color shallow mouth high heels. In addition, it also allows you to lengthen the proportion of the legs, serve two purposes why not?

05 A fitted black jacket can tighten all over-expansive, bright colors, such as a blouse or stripe that makes you look heavier to wear and put on a black jacket that resolves the problem Fat problem, at the same time the bright colors or flower clothing can also enhance the overall visual effects.

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