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Woman knows the romantic thing

Read the world know all kinds of survival rules, flirting little girl’s capricious, losing the pursuit of romantic girl heart, with black and white ash three basic colors dress, overflowing with simple, gentle, atmosphere of the aura, whether it is work or life Medium, giving a high degree of trust.

01 Elegant, quiet is a consistent mind, do not deliberately pursue the current fashion trends, commonly used to the ever-changing tricks to deal with fashion, love simple wholesale Korean clothing. Simple European and American models, in the long section of handsome out elegant gesture, waist belt decorated with a slender waist and bud type skirt, playful age skills using skillful.

02 Fashion hot spots from the soft sister paper to the goddess, the type of pursuit of continuous change. Fashionable woman is a classic in the fashion, through the fashion Ebb Tide more able to withstand the classic word. With a straightforward windbreaker, filling the men’s valiant heroic.

03 Blue calm like a Wang Tan water, seeing is calm and tranquil, it is full of clear, its power to wash the soul is not all girls can bring their own super powers. Contour windbreaker, with a pair of boots, and the spring to wait for the flowers to bloom.

04 Gentle does not mean lifeless, windy spring, wearing a handsome cowboy sunshine, feel the vitality of the spring together, lace skirts to create a soft feminine taste. The overall demure like water, warm heart, as if back to the happy school time, worry-free flowers.

05 Woolen jacket shorts cheap Korean clothes online, a trace of vintage fresh taste, with the ivory tower of the beautiful, in the spring to create a brand new image. Quiet water blue, for the lively and playful skirt to create a stable atmosphere, steady atmosphere around the body slowly around the body.

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